Headed East

IMG_20150216_100520_4175The East side of Lake Pontchartrain is one of our favorite sailing spots in the world. As the lake proper comes to an end, we enter a wide, deep channel called The Rigolets. With Fort Pike guarding our access to the south, we pass by and into a beautiful marsh grass wonderland. Here, we can find several areas for side exploration and biting redfish. It's also this end of the lake where we are most likely to spot dolphins, bald eagles, or other exciting wildlife.

At the far end of The Rigolets is a bridge operated by one of the railroads. It might be open, and it might not, but just past the bridge is a beautiful anchorage behind the marshy Rabbit Island. It's only the occasional passing of a train or of a tug coming up the intercoastal that reminds you that you're in a real place on the earth, rather than an amazing movie set.