The Gulf Coast

IMG_20150524_153000_4537If we just continue to keep sailing eastward we find ourselves in the Gulf of Mexico. When we're there, we find the barrier islands of Mississippi directly in front of us.

Ship Island is the most heavily visited, due to the fact that there's a ferry that brings passengers back and forth every day. Further up the island, and on Cat Island, Horn, and Petit Bois islands, we can pick spots with something close to total solitude.

But they all feature pretty white sand. Starfish and rays are bountiful. There's nothing like having a large island to yourself, watching the waves over a driftwood bonfire at night.

A cruise to Mississippi is an undertaking from Louisiana. There's nothing like traveling at 8 mph to drive home how large our planet really is. But we will be planning and executing some special excursions out there. This will be something we do once or twice a year. We will have announcements about dates, prices and logistics for this unique experience as plans become more firm.