The Birds

Everyone in the Velvet Elvis family is a big family of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.  It rotates into family movie night every so often.  It's just creepy enough for the kids without being terrifying.

Everyone has thought of that movie when they find themselves in the middle of feeding gulls.  A few years ago, while eating lunch on the beach, a seagull swooped down, pecked me on the hand, and then snatched my food.  It took him a fraction of a second.  Birds are jerks.

Fortunately, out on the water, you can move at a speed where they stay with you, but they never get ahead.  It's a good time to explore your inner Audubon.  These are all from a sail we had in November.

img_20161126_162850_6681 img_20161126_162852_6684 img_20161126_162858_6688 img_20161126_162914_6693 img_20161126_162952_6703 img_20161126_162954_6705 img_20161126_163006_6706

Now that I think about it, we never do find out why the birds in that California town were freaking out, whether it was happening in other places, or whether it continued to occur after the events of the movie.  Maybe I don't like it so much after all.

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